Midnight Petroleum


Midnight Petroleum first began on July 1st, 1989, providing residential and commercial heating and fuel needs to the community of Fort Simpson. Midnight Petroleum had then expanded its business to serving Hay River in 1996, Yellowknife in 2000 and acquiring a tank farm terminal in Yellowknife in 2002 and in 2006 Midnight took on the Yellowknife Airport. With the purchase of Midnight Petroleum by Rowe’s Construction on August 1st, 2015, the company has plans to re-assimilate Fort Simpson. With the successful continued growth of Midnight Petroleum, we now serve over 2800 customers across the NWT.

Midnight Petroleum’s goal is to provide all our customers with quality Imperial Oil fuels and lubricants. Imperial Oil’s heating fuels, gasoline, diesels, and aviation fuels are specially formulated to meet the unique northern conditions.


Each of the members of our team located both in Hay River and Yellowknife must undergo various training exercises, to ensure quality and safe services are provided to our customers. We aim for excellence all across the board from lubricant orders, to fuel deliveries and even administration. With this you will receive service from trained people who really know you and your petroleum requirements.


Our safety and the safety of our customers has always been and will always be our number one concern. Did you know that our drivers complete a visual tank inspection as part of Esso’s ongoing program to ensure a safe and proper delivery? There are always possible hazards that occur at each delivery site that can range from tank whistles and gauges, to ladders, to debris. Our drivers are trained to recognize the hazards in order to make each and every delivery safe. Residential and commercial deliveries demand extra care, let’s work together to make it safe!

Safe work procedures are not limited to our drivers, but also extend to the workers in the yard and starts with open communications and daily safety meetings. Each member of our team working on the site must follow specific company rules; these include completing a safe performance self-assessments, wearing the proper PPE for each and every task, and more.

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