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home heating fuel in the northwest territories

Midnight Petroleum’s drivers safely deliver premium furnace fuel to Hay River, Yellowknife, Fort Simpson, and Fort Resolution to both residential and commercial customers regularly.

With access to Imperial Oil’s superior petroleum products, we are confident that we offer nothing but the best heating fuel for our customer’s needs.

A partnership with Yellowknife Direct Co-op offers Co-op members in Yellowknife a 2.5¢/L discount.

To accommodate all of our customers’ unique needs, Midnight Petroleum offers two types of delivery services for heating fuel:


Any customer can contact our offices to request when they want fuel delivered to their residence or commercial building. In order to assure that our customers receive enough heating fuel, we do require a minimum delivery of 300L for all call-in deliveries. We offer next-day delivery for all call-in requests at the same, competitive prices that customers on automatic deliveries receive.

In an emergency event, Midnight Petroleum is also available to all customers for after-hours calls.

For same day call-ins and after hours, Midnight Petroleum does require a fee of $150.00 in addition to the delivery.


When you sign up for Automatic Deliveries with Midnight Petroleum, your delivery location will be put on a scheduling system that meets your heating fuel requirements. We are able to set customers up on either a three- or four-week delivery schedule where Midnight Petroleum delivers fuel to the requested location/s automatically on our customers’ behalf.

Automatic deliveries offer all customers peace of mind as they do not need to monitor their fuel tanks as closely as they might otherwise. You can rest easy knowing Midnight Petroleum’s team is working to ensure your tank remains full all winter no matter what the temperature. Whether it’s -16 C or -35 C, you will be receiving scheduled deliveries.

Midnight Petroleum offers two types of Automatic Delivery scheduling:

  • For the Winter Season
  • Year-Round Service

Our second scheduling service is offered specifically for customers who own additional appliances that operate using heating fuel, such as water boilers.

Midnight Petroleum offers complimentary call-out services for all customers taking advantage of our automatic scheduling service.

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